My Handbag Essentials



There’s a reason girls have such large handbags… we have to carry a lot of stuff! Apart from the usual keys, wallet and phone, there are loads of things which I consider to be absolutely essential to my handbag as you’ll see above. I won’t talk about all of them as most are quite self explanatory, but I thought I’d pick out a few things.

I absolutely have to rave about the lip salve I keep in my bag, the Body Shop Cocoa Butter LipCare Stick. This smells absolutely incredible. It does make me crave chocolate sometimes but it’s so worth it. It’s also really moisturising and lasts really well without being sticky.

I get really dry hands so I have different hand creams hidden in a huge variety of places about my house, desk at work and in my handbag. The one I keep in my bag for on the go at the moment is the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Scented Hand Cream. I bought this because it was so tiny and adorable but I really don’t like the super thick formula so I won’t be buying it again.

I try and pop the lipstick I am wearing each day in my handbag before I leave the house, but as I sometimes forget, I like to keep a nude lipstick in my bag. If I need to reapply lipstick and I don’t have the right one I can always wipe off what I’m wearing and apply a nude which I know will go with every outfit. This is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight.

Finally, you might be wondering what the floral item in the bottom right hand corner of the photo is. That is a ticket/card holder from Cath Kidson. I travel on trains way more regularly than I’d like so I always have this with me. I keep my young person’s railcard in it and then I pop any train or tram tickets in it that I need that week.

Finally I like to keep some deodorant or body spray with me because there’s nothing worse than feeling like you have been sweating and need to freshen up but having nothing with you. The one I am carrying is a miniature of the Impulse Very Pink body spray which has a really light, fruity fragrance which I love.


3 thoughts on “My Handbag Essentials

  1. I tend to carry a smaller bag just because when I have a bigger bag, I pack it full of so so much stuff I can barely carry it. lol. I think everyone should carry an umbrella in rainy climates. It always surprises me when girls don’t think to pack it on a regular basis and, it rains every day. ;P

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