Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream and Protect And Glow Illuminating Light Lotion


The Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match range features five different moisturisers tailor made for different skin types, all £5.99 each, so you are sure to find a moisturiser which will suit you and your individual needs. I decided to try one when I ran out of my Elemis moisturiser.

I started with the Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream. This is designed for oily-combination skin and aims to reduce the amount of shine and/oil you can see on the skin’s surface.


It is perhaps a little off putting applying something with a green-tinge to your skin, however look at it another way; green reminds me of really fresh things like apples, plants and green vegetables, so it has quite a nice natural association. The moisturiser smells really fresh without being too heavily fragrance. I was surprised by the consistency of the moisturiser itself. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so thick! It takes a bit of effort to work into the skin, rather than sliding on effortlessly, however I don’t mind this as it just stops my skin from feeling greasy or wet.

I must say I was really impressed by this moisturiser. My regular blog readers will know it featured in my August favourites. It doesn’t make my skin look shiny or oily in any way, even once the product is first applied, and it hasn’t broken me out at all.

Because I was enjoying the Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream so much, I decided to try the Protect And Glow Illuminating Light Lotion as well. This is designed for normal or “lacklustre” skin. A lot of bloggers and vloggers who have started with Shine Be Gone for their combination skin haven’t really got on with it so moved onto the Protect And Glow and really loved it. I was curious to see if I too would fall in love with it and prefer it to the Shine Be Gone.


The Protect And Glow is intended to give your skin a really healthy-looking, illuminating glow. It contains SPF20 which is really good because I’m always looking for more ways to get SPF into my face care routine. It has quite a wet consistency, far wetter than the Shine Be Gone. Again, this took me by surprise as I assumed all the moisturisers would be roughly the same. However, there is very little difference between the fragrances of the two products.

I am really surprised to report to you all that after using the Protect And Glow for several weeks, I really don’t like it! When I apply it to my skin it instantly makes my face feel greasy and unclean. It also makes it look really shiny and oily which is exactly what I don’t want! I expected the shine to disappear to a natural glow once the product had soaked into my skin, but it doesn’t it makes it shine all day long and I have to use twice as much powder to combat it.

My conclusion from this experiment is that the Shine Be Gone is definitely the product to pick if you are worried about the oily areas of your combination skin. The Protect And Glow will only exacerbate them and make them more obvious. If your skin is oily you should avoid the Protect And Glow like the plague!

I am now very happily going back to my Shine Be Gone with my Garnier Moisture Match testing mission complete!


5 thoughts on “Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream and Protect And Glow Illuminating Light Lotion

  1. Does your skin tend to break out easily? I find that even some of the most recommended noncomedogenic products tend to break me out! I’m always looking for a great mattifying moisturizer, though… Both of my previous favorites were discontinued (Clean and Clear’s Shine-Free and Pore Perfecting), and I still find myself constantly experimenting–and spending a lot of money! I’ve always had good luck with Garnier’s products, so this might be worth a shot!

    • No it doesn’t really. At that time of the month I get a couple of spots without fail but not a lot and I don’t have bad breakouts. I’m always worried about trying new products in case I do though!!

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