Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser


I have read hundreds of blog posts and watched countless YouTube videos on one product more than any other. That product is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I delayed buying it for ages because I was worried it wouldn’t be worth the price tag.

I started with the 100ml pump starter kit for £14.75. It consists of a 100ml pump bottle of the cleanser and two muslin cloths all in a little waterproof carry case or wallet. I know £14.75 might seem like a lot of money for a cleanser but I do think you get quite a lot for your money. The cleanser itself seems to be lasting ages, the case is a really useful thing to have to travel with and the muslin cloths can obviously be washed and used with different cleansers and face products as well.

The theory behind Cleanse & Polish is that the cleanser breaks down and removes make-up, and then the muslin cloth dislodges any dead skin cells. To use it, you massage one or two pumps of the cleanser onto dry skin. It shouldn’t irritate your eyes so you can use it to remove mascara and eye make-up too. Next you rinse your muslin cloth in warm water and use it to wipe off the cream. You might need to repeat this step a couple of times depending on the amount of make-up you are wearing. Finally, you should splash your face with cold water and then apply your other skin products as normal.

I’m afraid I’m not mad on the scent of this product. It contains a number of different essential oils including chamomile and rosemary, but for me the scent of eucalyptus is totally overpowering. I don’t dislike eucalyptus but I wouldn’t class it as one of my favourite scents either.

However, scent aside, I have to say this cleanser is my new holy grail product. It breaks down make-up like a dream, even stubborn waterproof mascara. It virtually just melts away. It doesn’t sting my eyes or make them feel uncomfortable, which is unusual because I have very sensitive eyes and most cleansers I have tried irritate them. I adore not having to bother with a separate make-up remover. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean but not tight or dry.

I really can’t imagine not having this product in my life now. I will probably try a lot of other cleansers because I like trying new things, but this will be extremely hard to beat.

This post was updated on 23 January 2014 because my views have changed after consistent use

8 thoughts on “Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

  1. I really liked it when I used it, but I wasn’t thrilled about having to repurchase muslin cloths every so often. They would get stained with foundation and, muslin cloths aren’t really readily available in the US, which meant I would have to pay international shipping to get more. I’ll pass.

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