Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara


I am so excited to talk to be writing about Max Factor’s Clump Defy Mascara today because it’s always fun to rave about a product and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing! Max Factor claim this mascara will give your lashes “mega volume” without clumping the lashes together. I can tell you, it definitely isn’t a lie!

The mascara has a curved wand covered with very thin plastic spikes, as opposed to your traditional brush mascara. Now that I’ve used this product I really don’t know why a curved brush isn’t the norm. It makes so much sense considering your lash line isn’t straight. This delivers mascara to all of your lashes equally.


I really love the formula of this mascara. It makes my lashes look really long and delicate, exactly how I want them to look. It really doesn’t clump any of my lashes together and pretty eliminates any need to comb them through after using mascara. Even better, the mascara lasts really well all day long. I can go out wearing one coat of mascara and feel confident my lashes will still look great at the end of the day. I think the results speak for themselves and I would really highly recommend trying this mascara if you haven’t already. I think it’s fantastic value for money!


You may have noticed I have the water resistant version. I’m not surprised they call it water resistant as, in all honesty, waterproof would be a bit of a lie. It’s not bad at resisting water unless you rub your eyes in the shower or swimming pool, but it will leave a slight dark shadow or smudge under your eye. It’s certainly not the best waterproof mascara you can get. I still swear by the Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost waterproof mascara which has the best waterproof forumlation of any mascara I have tried. I will be using this mascara as my day-to-day mascara but will keep another on hand for if I fancy a dip in the pool!

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara retails for £10.99 but is currently £7.99 in Superdrug

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