Review: Simple Soothing Facial Scrub and Deep Cleansing Face Mask


I have had these two Simple products knocking about in my beauty stash for quite some time now. Like most products I own, I used them religiously for a long while and then forgot about them.

The Soothing Facial Scrub contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and rice granules to gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. To use it, you wash your face so that your skin is damp and then apply a small amount  and massage in circular movements. Then you can wash it off. The rice granules are quite large, albeit fairly sparse. You can definitely feel them when you are using it though. I really like being able to feel a scrub working! Afterwards, my skin always feels smooth and really clean and fresh. It doesn’t dry it out at all or make it feel tight. This product has never broken me out and I do feel like it makes my skin look more even and polished. It’s great to use before or after a cleanser a couple of times a week.


Simple Soothing Facial Scrub

The Deep Cleansing Face Mask has a thick cream consistency. You apply it all over your face and leave it for three minutes before washing it off. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Bisabolol, natural clay and seaweed extracts and is designed to draw out deep dirt and impurities in your skin. I really like using this mask once a week when I have a little more time to make sure my skin is really deeply cleansed. When it dries it feels a little tight but not uncomfortable. Afterwards it always leaves my skin feeling really clean. It washes off really easily so it doesn’t matter if you get it in your hair – it won’t leave it crusty like some face masks.

The major downside to these products has got to be the smell. Like all Simple products, they don’t contain any perfume so that they are kind to sensitive skin. However, this means that they end up smelling… well a bit like chemicals. The scrub in particular doesn’t smell overly pleasant. They are very much products to buy for their function, rather than because you fancy a luxurious beauty product.

Overall I do like these products. I have seen good results using them and I think they are quite the bargain at just £3.99 each. They are definitely worth a try if you are looking for an everyday scrub and/or mask, particularly if you have sensitive skin or don’t like using products with a strong fragrance on your face.

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