MUA Bronzer Shade 1


If you are new to bronzer and on the hunt for a good beginner’s product, I would highly recommend trying an MUA Bronzer. This is Shade 1 (the palest shade) which I think is perfect for beginners and for people with pale skin for two reasons main reasons. Firstly, the colour isn’t too intimidating or dark so you won’t end up looking like a tangerine or like you have a dirty face. Secondly, it’s really easy to blend so you can make it look really natural on your skin.

Shade 1 is a pretty golden brown colour with a heavy dose of golden shimmer to it. I like the fact you don’t lose the shimmer when it’s applied to the skin; it’s still visible when you catch the light at the right angle. It’s a fairly pigmented bronzer so a little goes quite a long way but it blends out really nicely and just leaves you with a healthy looking glow.


The disadvantage to MUA’s range of basic bronzers is they only come in three shades (imaginatively called Shades 1, 2 and 3). Because there isn’t a lot of variety, you won’t be able to choose something that is absolutely perfect for your skin tone; you’ll have to pick the one that is the best fit.  Shades 2 and 3 would definitely be too dark for me but I can imagine if I went abroad somewhere really warm I might fancy trying something a little darker than Shade 1.

So what is the best thing about this bronzer? It’s got to be the price tag. I’d imagine it’s pretty unbeatable at just £1! At that price you might as well try it, it’s basically paid for itself in 3 wears!

4 thoughts on “MUA Bronzer Shade 1

  1. Wow! That’s a good deal. Still, bronzer that is too dark can be really scary looking – I shudder to think about the people forced to pick one of three and getting it way wrong! lol.

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