Bourjois Blusher in Lilas D’Or


I am a very recent convert to blusher. I’d never worn any until recently because I was always terrified I would look like a clown. I have very pale skin so most blushers looked a bit terrifying.  Then when I was getting ready for a night out with friends, someone suggested I try Nars Orgasm and I absolutely loved it! I decided it was high time I bought a nice wearable blusher and get more used to wearing it. I was tempted to buy Nars Orgasm but decided it was a bit too pricey for a novice. I read lots of reviews online and sought the advice of friends and in the end opted for this Bourjois Blusher in No. 33 Lilas D’Or.


I have to say this blusher is absolutely adorable. It has a magnetic style lock and it’s really small and delicate so fits perfectly in a handbag or small travel make up bag. It also comes with a miniature brush inside. Whilst this might be good for emergencies, it’s not the most practical of brushes in terms of shape. I don’t think I’d use it unless I was out and about and didn’t have a proper blusher brush with me. I also like that it has a little mirror inside, very handy for when you’re on the go.

I would describe Lilas D’or as being a pink colour with a peachy undertone and a hint of golden shimmer. I think this is a brilliant colour for pale skin and I think the peach undertone really compliments my red hair. The pigmentation is about average. It’s not incredibly sheer but it isn’t as highly pigmented as say a Sleek blusher. I really like this level of pigmentation as it makes the blusher suitable for day or night, you can build it up for the evening or just pop on a little for the daytime. The shimmer is very subtle so hardly shows up at all when it’s blended into the skin.


One other highlight of this blusher is the scent. It has a really light floral fragrance which I absolutely love. It smells like summer flower beds!

The lasting power of this blusher is it’s only slightly disappointing aspect. I have found it lasts quite well on top of foundation but if you wear it on bare skin, which I like to do sometimes, it only lasts a couple of hours.

Overall I am so thrilled with this blusher and I will definitely be purchasing more shades. For me it was definitely £7.99 well spent!



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