Beauty Storage Solutions


Today’s post is just a quick one to share with you one of the latest storage solutions I have found for my beauty products. I recently decided I needed something in my bathroom to store things in so that my sink and shower areas aren’t covered by cleansers, moisturisers, scrubs etc. It was starting to look very untidy.

I found this set of two storage baskets called Living 2 Tier Baskets in Argos for £14.99.  The dimensions are 13.5cm height, 19cm width and 19cm depth per basket. There is also the option of a 3 tier basket for £19.99.

And here it is full of all my stuff!


3 thoughts on “Beauty Storage Solutions

  1. Good idea. I hate when my sink gets cluttered with a bunch of products, it makes the clean freak in me cringe. Currently, all of my products are in a cardboard box that I cut the flaps off of. Classy, I know.

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