Body Shop Soothing Peppermint Foot Scrub and Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue


I bought these products a while ago and wrote about them in my Body Shop haul post. I know several of you were interested to hear about them, so here are my initial thoughts having used them a few times.


To use the foot scrub, first soak your feet in a bath or bowl of water to soften the skin. Then take a small amount of scrub in your hand and rub it all over your feet. This should help to soften hard patches of skin and leave your feet feeling much softer and  looking healthier.

The scrub itself includes large particles of volcanic rock granules so it feels very exfoliating. When they say it’s a peppermint foot scrub, they aren’t kidding! The peppermint scent is very strong; it is almost overpowering. It is quite refreshing, but if you don’t like strong mint smells you probably won’t like this.

Once you have washed the scrub off your feet, take a small amount of the Intensive Foot Rescue  and rub it into your feet. This again is designed to help soften hard skin. This feels really soothing after the scrub. I was surprised to find the cream is pink. As it’s peppermint I’d expect it to be green. I like it though, it feels very feminine and girly.

Ideally you should complete this routine once or twice a week. After using the two products I have found that the skin on my feet has definitely improved. The hard skin areas feel much softer and the skin in general looks like it’s in better condition. My boyfriend tried this scrub too and agreed, but we came to the conclusion that you do have to keep up the routine. If you don’t use the products for a while, your feet will revert to the way they were before.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend trying these products if you want to get your feet looking beautiful for summer!


10 thoughts on “Body Shop Soothing Peppermint Foot Scrub and Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue

  1. Aaah brilliant, such a great review! The scrub looks fab, just how I like them. I can’t abide scrubs that are really creamy with a few granules in them – I’d rather have a really rough scrub session then apply moisturiser after, like this! Definitely be trying this.

  2. Good post. Have always loved Body Shop products. Have sensitive skin and very few products suit me. May be I can try these.

  3. Oh dear god… Peppermint! These things were put on earth for me and I didn’t even now about them haha 😀 Thank you Rebecca for a great post. My feet will be so happy!

  4. I’ve used the peppermint scrub, it’s really nice and soothing if you have been on your feet all day. Have yet to try the foot rescue! Love the routine!

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