11 Questions Tag

The lovely Sam of Samandro22 tagged me in this 11 questions tag and it sounded fun so I thought I’d give it a go. Before you read it though, I suggest you go and check out Sam’s blog, it’s one of my favourites.

1. What got you interested in make up?

In all honesty I’m really not sure. My mother doesn’t really wear make up so for many years I didn’t either. I had your basic mascara and concealer but that was about it. At University I started experimenting with new things my friends had like eyeliner and eyeshadow but still nothing major. I started watching YouTube videos a while back and that was when I really got into the idea of using different products and I’m still finding new things now! My latest discovery is that I can actually wear blusher and not look like a clown!

2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is going to be possibly the weirdest answer ever. I can’t choose between two things really. The first is butternut squash which I love, particularly roasted or in risotto. The second is porridge! I can’t start my day without a bowl of porridge, you don’t want to meet me when I’m hungry!


3. What is your favourite book or TV show?

My favourite book is probably The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I found it so powerful and thought provoking, but a really easy, exciting read too. My favourite TV show changes virtually every month, but at the moment I am obsessed with The White Queen on BBC and True Blood.


4. What beauty habit do you just not understand?

I guess probably wearing lots of coats of mascara. I think if you have a good mascara, you really don’t need to wear more than one or two coats of it. I personally like my lashes to look quite natural and if you wear lots of coats of mascara you always end up looking like a girl who is wearing a lot of mascara, rather than a girl with lovely dark, thick lashes.

5. What’s your favourite nail polish brand?

Most of you will know this already, but I love No 7 nail polishes. I think they are so underrated. The colour range is fantastic, they are really smooth and easy to apply, they dry quickly and they last well. What more could you want?


6. What’s your favourite part about being a blogger?

Being able to help people. So many of you have already left me comments and sent me messages saying you will buy a product or avoid something based on a review I’ve written. That’s a great feeling!

7. What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

I always start my day by cleansing my face and then I go and make some porridge!


8. If you could only wear either jewellery or lipstick for the rest of your life which would you choose?

Definitely jewellery. I love wearing lipstick but I could always make a feature of my eyes and experiment with different eyeliners and eye shadows, whereas I don’t know what I could replace jewellery with!


9. Who’s your top celebrity crush?

This is quite hard. There are a lot of celebrities I find really attractive but none that I am completely overwhelmed by. I fall more for characters on TV and in films than I do for the character’s who play them. Character wise, I adore Eric Northman in True Blood and Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. Bit of a vampire theme there!

10. You’ve just become queen of the world, what’s the first issue you tackle?

That is a deep question. I wasn’t quite expecting that on this tag! I really feel passionately about equality for women throughout the world. We’re so lucky in the UK that, compared to a lot of countries, we have so much freedom and are given so much respect. If I was queen of the world I would definitely want to look at how we could bring more equality to other countries.

11. What’s one thing people wouldn’t realize about you at first glance?

I do a lot of free weight training at the gym. Contrary to what a lot of girls think, it doesn’t make you bulk up or look really muscley. It’s actually a great way to boost your metabolism and burn fat like crazy. I also find I really enjoy the challenge of lifting heavy things!

This was fun! I tag:

Daisy – http://cavawithdaisy.wordpress.com
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Jodi – http://suckmyfashionblog.com
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And my questions for you are:

1. What is the one item of make up you couldn’t live without?
2. How often do you clean your make up brushes?
3. Do you tend to buy lots of different products to try or stick to your favourite tried and tested products?
4. What’s your worst habit?
5. What’s the best beauty secret your mother taught you?
6. What has been your biggest beauty disaster?
7. What is your most treasured possession?
8. Do you tend to go for high end or budget brands?
9. What’s your favourite season to dress for?
10. Tell us about your favourite ever holiday.
11. What jewellery do you wear most often?

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