Ombre with me!


I am still very much a beginner at using ombre nail techniques, so this isn’t exactly a tutorial, more a chance for me to share some of the tips I’ve learnt recently.

Step 1 – Make sure your nails are clean and shaped as you’d like.  Apply a base coat or nail strengthener. As you all know, I like to use the Sally Hansen Advanced Strengthener.

Step 2 – To reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend cleaning your nails when you’ve finished, you can try taking small strips of sticky tape and applying them to the skin around your finger nails. If you are a total beginner you might like to skip this step as, unless you spend ages cutting perfectly precise strips, it will restrict the different angles you can use and might get in your way a bit.


Step 3 – Apply one coat of coloured polish. This can either be the lighter colour you’ll be using for your ombre, or a white polish if you want to make your colours really pop. I decided to use a pink Miss Sporty Lasting Colour polish. I think this colour is called It’s Not My Name.

Step 4 – Once this is dry, take a cosmetic sponge and soak it in water. Wring it out so it is damp not wet. This should stop the sponge absorbing too much of your polish. Paint a strip of your lighter colour on the bottom of the sponge and then a strip of the darker colour above it. As my second colour for this look I chose Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish in Prickly Pear which is a lovely lilac colour.


Step 5 – Press the sponge onto your nail and jiggle it up and down and side to side a bit. This will leave a very light coloured ombre effect. If your polishes are pale colours it might not show very much after the first coat, but don’t worry, once you’ve applied a few more coats the colours will develop and show more.




Step 6 – Repeat step 5 for all your nails several times to get your desired level and depth of colour. Be sure to allow each coat to dry before applying another, otherwise you’ll just end up pulling or wiping off the existing polish.


Step 7 – Apply 1 or 2 layers of your favourite top coat. This will make the nails appear shiny instead of matte and will also help the colours appear more smoothly blended.

Step 8 – If you’ve used sticky tape around your nails, peel this off carefully. Take some cotton buds or a nail brush and dip it in nail polish remover. You can use this to clean any excess polish off your fingers and around the edges of your nails.

Voila! Your nails are done. I hope you enjoy experimenting with these techniques. You’ll get better every time you try so keep practising! It requires some patience and some hard work but it’s worth it in the end. Let me know if you try this and what you think of my finished ombre!


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14 thoughts on “Ombre with me!

  1. They look lovely! I really like the colours you’ve used, I need to get myself some of the Gelly ones.
    When I do this I use liberal amounts of vaseline around my nails – it helps a lot and is less fiddly than sellotape! The polish still doesn’t come straight off your fingers but it comes off much more easily than it does otherwise 🙂

  2. So that’s how you do it! I must try that out. Claiming to be the “beauty obsessed person” I am, I really seem to take like zero risks, so thanks for this inspiration to step out of my comfort zone 🙂

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