Hen Party Goody Bags

As I mentioned in a previous post, it was my best friend’s hen do last weekend. I put together some goody bags for the attendees which I thought you might be interested to see.


The bags themselves are from Happi Yumi on Not on the High Street.


You can choose whatever colour you would like and the absolute best part is they come with customised labels which can include the bride’s face and some text. I also got some adorable personalised badges for us to wear from Happi Yumi as well.



First up I put some little beauty products into the bags. These are some salt facial scrubs from Sanctuary and little travel size bubble bath and moisturiser by Ted Baker which smell really floral and luxurious.


For our drinks I popped in some cocktail umbrellas!


As I believe most of us have a sweet tooth hidden away somewhere I popped in some mini packets of Love Hearts sweets and some chocolate champagne bottles.


For the child in all of us I included some little games. These are fortune telling fish and magnetic fish games which I got from Party Pieces (www.partypieces.co.uk), along with the sweets and chocolate.


Finally, I wanted everyone to have a little keepsake to remember the day by. I got these personalised candle holders from the seller btldr123 on eBay and I popped some little tea lights inside.

Let me know what you think!

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