How To: Remove Glitter Nail Polish


Anyone who has ever tried to remove glittery nail polish will know what a nightmare it can be. I thought I would show you a couple of methods I use to take it off which make it a little easier.

You will need:

Nail polish remover

Cotton pads or cotton wool

Sticky tape or aluminium foil

Some nail tools

Some nail strengthening polish




Step 1: Soak the cotton pads in nail polish remover. I am using a remover by Sally Hansen which is supposed to be good for weak nails.

SAM_0313 SAM_0323

Step 2: Place the soaked cotton pad on your nail and secure with sticky tape or wrap aluminium foil over it to make sure it stays in place.


Step 3: Repeat for all of your nails and leave for a few minutes.



Step 4: Twist and pull the secured cotton pad off your nail. This should remove all basic glitter, but if your polish includes some larger sequins, they may be left behind.


Step 5: These should have been loosened by the remover, so you can then remove them easily with a nail tool such as a cuticle pusher.

Step 6: Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any excess cotton wool or nail polish remover. This can be quite harsh on your nails so I would recommend finishing off with a nail strengthening polish. I am currently using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Advanced Strengthener which is excellent.

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7 thoughts on “How To: Remove Glitter Nail Polish

  1. Very clever! I avoid glittery nails a lot of the time purely because taking it off it such a pain, will definitely be trying this!

  2. This is basically the method my daughter uses, and she is a nail model. It is quite effective. So glad you took the time to share.

  3. See I’d heard of this before but it was one of those popular Pinterest things where I’m always wary whether it actually works haha. But thanks for this, now I know it actually DOES work 😀

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