New Graze Goody Boxes


I’ve been getting Graze boxes for several years now. If you haven’t heard of Graze before, it’s a website which sends you a weekly or fortnightly delivery of healthy snacks straight to your home or work place. They fit through the letter box as well so they are really convenient. I know this isn’t the most cost effective way to get snacks, but I love having variety. If you buy one or two big bags of nuts or seeds, it may be more economical, but you are stuck eating the same thing day in and day out.

The latest exciting new product from Graze are their Goody Boxes which are designed for children. This is a great, fun way to give your children snacks which you know don’t contain nasty E numbers and additives. They are supposed to include games and things to amuse kids as well. When Graze sent me an email asking if I wanted to try a box for free, my boyfriend and I thought “why the hell not?” – after all, we’re big kids at heart.


First thing I have to say is I love the packaging! It comes with your child’s name on the top so the box feels special to them.

You can rate your preferences before your box is delivered, so if your child hates banana, you can avoid getting anything that contains banana. Once your box is delivered, you are also given a leaflet with the nutritional information on so you can make sure your child’s snacks are part of a balanced diet.


The snacks we got in our box were:

Jaffa Flapjack – These are oat flapjacks flavoured with orange and drizzled with chocolate. I really love Graze flapjacks – they are really moist and buttery – but I have to say the orange taste wasn’t particularly strong and the chocolate definitely got a bit lost. From an adult perspective, I definitely prefer the orange and ginger flapjacks in the normal Graze boxes.

Tropical Treasure – This consists of orange chocolate coated raisins, cranberries and mango. This was my favourite box – the orange chocolate raisins are to die for! So delicious! The only thing we wondered about this box was whether children would find the dried mango too strong. My boyfriend wasn’t a fan because the flavour is quite overpowering.

Jungle Trekker – This contains dried pineapple, vanilla pumpkin seeds and chocolate coated honeycomb pieces. My only criticism of this would be that there wasn’t enough honeycomb in the box, but I guess it wouldn’t fit with the ‘healthy’ vibe if there was!

For some reason we were sent two boxes of Jungle Trekker which was quite disappointing. I would have liked to have tried 4 different boxes. Apart from that though, I was really impressed. There really isn’t a great deal of difference between the standard Graze boxes and these Goody boxes, but I imagine that children would like to have something a little more fun and different than the box their parents get.

Are you a fan of Graze? Let me know your favourite snacks in the comments below!

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