Body Shop haul


I stopped in Body Shop on my way home from work the other day with the intention on stocking up on some of their shower gels which are currently in the sale. I ended up leaving with quite a few other things as well, so I thought I would share them with you all.


There is a range of different shower gel scents in the Body Shop at the moment which I haven’t tried before – Raspberry, Papaya, Passion Fruit and Blueberry. I don’t know how new they are exactly, but I only started seeing them relatively recently. I picked up Raspberry for myself and Blueberry as a gift for someone. I can’t describe how delicious the Raspberry one in particular smells! You may remember that I included it in my July beauty wishlist here.

I also bought a Lemon shower gel and the Lemon soap to go with it. If you haven’t tried Body Shop shower gels before, you really should. They smell amazing, later really well and are great value for money. At the moment a lot of shower gels are in the sale (the Raspberry and Blueberry shower gels were £3 each). The Lemon shower gel was £4 and the Lemon soap was £2.


As it is the summer, I decided it’s about time I give my feet some TLC so they look great in sandals and flip flops. First of all I bought the Peppermint Soothing Foot Scrub (£7). The sales assistant in Body Shop told me I should use this once a week to exfoliate my feet and help to smooth down any spots of hard skin. I also bought the Smooth and Soften Foot File (£6) to help remove any hard skin if I have particularly stubborn patches. Finally I bought the Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue (£9). You can use this after exfoliating your feet to soften any remaining hard skin and rehydrate your skin if your feet are feeling tired and dry after spending a day in the sun. Hopefully I should have lovely smooth, summer-ready feet in no time! I’ll let you know how I get on.

What are your favourite Body Shop products?

23 thoughts on “Body Shop haul

  1. I really want to try the foot range, mine are not looking good after extensive flip flop wearing! What’s the scrub like, is it very scrubby? I can’t stand it when scrubs are 99% cream with about 4 grains of scrub in them, haha.

  2. I’ve actually never been in Body Shop before, but I have looked at their stuff online. They have a lot of stuff that I’d like to try but, it’s quite a bit pricier here in the US. Like those shower gels are $15 here, which is like 3 times more than the sale price in the UK. lol.

    • Wow that’s crazy! I think the price in the UK has dropped a little over the past couple of years but I don’t think it was ever that bad! It’s a shame because its a really great brand. I love Lush as a treat, but I find Body Shop’s products more usable for every day.

  3. I actually just started working at The Body Shop in late May, so needless to say, I’ve recently bought A LOT of stuff from there. 😛

  4. A lovely haul. I’m really curious about this Peppermint Soothing Foot Scrub. Pls do a review on it ones you had the chance to try! 🙂 Sounds like a really good idea!!
    xo, Luchessa.

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