June 2013 Empties


I personally love seeing the things people use up each month, so I thought I’d share mine with you and let you know what I thought of them!

Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Hand Cream – This is my absolute favourite hand cream. It smells really fresh and clean and leaves my hands really smooth. I get quite dry hands but this hand cream keeps them soft and moisturised all day. The cream absorbs quickly into your hands and doesn’t leave them wet and sticky so you can’t do anything. I’ve tried the Shea version of this hand cream, but I found the formula was a little wetter and didn’t absorb so well.

Johnson’s Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes – This is the second of the Johnson’s products I have used up this month. I love these wipes and have done for so many years. As I mentioned in my testing samples post, I have quite sensitive eyes, and these are the ONLY wipes I have ever found which don’t irritate my eyes. They remove waterproof mascara really easily without any scrubbing of your eyelashes, so I often use them to remove eye make up before I use my cleanser. They are also the perfect thing to have in your cupboard for an exceptionally lazy day!


Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Mascara – The waterproof version of this mascara is my absolute go-to mascara, so a while back I thought I’d try the normal black version. For several months I was really pleased with it. I prefer brushes to combs because I personally find they don’t clump your eyelashes together so much. I like long feathery lashes rather than super thick ones and this mascara is perfect for that. I find it picks up a little too much product at the very end of the brush, so I tend to wipe the excess off on a tissue if I have time. There is still a little left in this tube of mascara, but unfortunately it has dried up a bit and started to clump. I would probably buy this again, but I found it dried out quicker than the waterproof so I didn’t fall in love with it.

Glade Honey and Chocolate Candle – Glade candles are the perfect alternative to Yankee candles if you are on a tight budget. They are a little more affordable but they still burn for hours. I first discovered the honey and chocolate scent a couple of years ago around Christmas time. I adore this scent, it’s so comforting and cosy. Perhaps more of a traditional Autumn scent, but I love burning it all year round because I am not a massive fan of floral candles.

Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips – These wax strips are perfect for home waxing, particularly leg waxing. You can use each strip several times so a box lasts a long time and they are very easy to use. Just smooth the strip in the direction of the hair growth and then pull up, keeping it close to your skin. They also come with some soothing wipes to refresh and clean your skin when you have finished. The only downside is, I really don’t think they give you enough of the wipes. However, you can use something like baby oil or a cleansing wipe when you run out.

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