Stop ‘n Grow vs Mavala Stop


Today’s post is a little different. It isn’t exactly about beauty products, more about products which will keep you looking your best, if that makes sense.

As I mentioned briefly in a previous post, I am a self-confessed nail biter. In fact, I have been as long as I remember. It’s a terrible habit and I absolutely hate it. Why don’t I stop? I’ve tried many times over the years but only managed 3-4 months tops. It’s like a compulsion and it inevitably makes my nails brittle and snap off at odd, inconvenient angles so I end up with diagonal shaped, wonky nails. Clearly what every girl aspires to.

Two of the main products on the market in the UK which are designed to help people like me are Stop ‘n Grow and Mavala Stop. In both cases, they are supposed to taste so bad that you can’t bear to put your fingers anywhere near your mouth. I thought it might be helpful if I compare these two products and let you know which I think is the most effective.

Flavour: If you’ve never used a stop-biting style polish before, I guess you might not know what to expect. In general these products both taste very similar – a vile mix of chemicals and a sort of ear wax flavour.

The worst (or best depending on how you look at it) thing about the Mavala is that the taste lingers at the back of your mouth for ages afterwards – a brilliant reminder in case you have the memory of a goldfish and were likely to forget how bad it tastes.

The Stop ‘n Grow is less powerful than the Mavala and, as the disgusting taste is the main point of these products, the Stop ‘n Grow acts as less of a deterrent. I also found that I grew accustomed to the taste of the Stop ‘n Grow a lot quicker and almost forgot about it. But on first application it is undoubtedly horrible.

Application: Both products have a little brush that paints the product on your nail just like a nail polish. The Mavala seems to dry to a glossy finish like a clear nail polish, however, the Stop ‘n Grow seems to take an age to dry fully and no matter how long I left it, it inevitably ended up drying to a horrible textured matte finish where it had touched something and smudged. One of the biggest deterrents psychologically from biting your nails is not wanting to spoil the pretty polish of manicure you have on your nails. If the colour has been spoilt with a matte smudged finish, the deterrent is somewhat gone.

Wear: With all polishes of this sort, you have to keep applying regularly, ideally once or twice a day. With every wash of your hands, the strength weakens and therefore becomes less foul tasting. I find that the Mavala lasts a little longer than the Stop ‘n Grow and is just more powerful all round.

Overall, clearly the product I would recommend would be Mavala Stop. However, you should be aware that these products are an aid and not a solution. Sometimes the compulsion to bite your nails will be so strong you ignore the taste. Also, if you use a product long term you may find you grow more used to it and some of its power is weakened. I’m afraid that I don’t have the answer to quitting for good, but I at least hope this has helped you a little.

Do any of you have any tips for nail biters?


Stop ‘n Grow is around £4.50 and Mavala Stop is around £4.85

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