My nail polish collection

If you have read my “About” section, you will know that my job takes me to various different parts of the country for several months at a time. It isn’t really practical to pack my entire life into the car every time, so I have had to perfect the art of travelling light. I thought I would show you the nail polishes that I brought with me on my latest move (plus some I have acquired while I have been here!).


From left to right: Cheeky Chops, So Simple, Crystal Lilac, Temptress, Tangy

My ultimate favourite nail varnishes are the No 7 Stay Perfect varnishes. These retail at £6 each at Boots and the colour range is absolutely fantastic. I rarely come across a colour I don’t fall in love with. The consistency of the polish is very smooth, not thick and gloopy like some polishes can be, and the colour is so strong that you can get away with just one coat if you are in a rush, although I would recommend two for the full colour effect.  They last fairly well, although they tend to chip a little toward the very top of the nail after a few days or if you wash your hands a lot.


From left to right: Greenberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate

If you are looking for a polish with incredible staying power, I would highly recommend the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine range. I wore Pomegranate for my holiday and I only had to touch up a little once, even though I was in a swimming pool everyday. These polishes are £3.99 and are incredibly thick. I have heard that Barry M claim you only need one coat, however, I think you need two really because they have a tendency to be a little streaky and inconsistent after just one. I am not the biggest fan of the colour range as some of them are a little gaudy, however, there are a few gems in there.


These adorable little O.P.I polishes are from the NYC Ballet Soft Shades collection which was given to me by a friend as a gift. Being O.P.I, it goes without saying that the quality of these polishes is excellent. I particularly love the silver glitter over the pink shade. If you are looking for intense colour, these aren’t for you, but if you are looking for something sweet and subtle, you’d love these!


From left to right: Rimmel Lasting Finish 30 Double Decker Red, Rimmel Precious Stones Ruby Crush

I think everyone has their ultimate red polish and Double Decker Red is mine. I have re-purchased this over and over! The Precious Stones polish I bought around Christmas time and I loved it so much I bought it for a friend as a gift. You need several coats, but the effect is amazing!


From left to right: Pink Manicure, Winter Moon

As cheap polishes go, its hard to beat the Natural Collection range at Boots. These are just £1.89! The range of colours is brilliant. I especially love the metallic colours like Winter Moon which really shine when they hit the light. They do chip quite quickly, but for the price you pay they are still value for money.


These polishes are from the Sally Hansen French Manicure Set (Sheerly Opal) which comes with both polishes and a set of nail guides (straight and curved). I think it retails for just over £5, but I have seen it for £4.45 on Cheap Smells. This kit is brilliant for beginners and the effect of the Sheerly Opal polish is really beautiful. I posted a picture of a home done manicure using this kit on Instagram a few days ago which is linked on the right hand side of my blog.


From left to right: Jessica Custom Nail Colour – 432 Hot fudge, Collection Hot Looks – 47 Milkshake, Nails Inc. – Elizabeth Street, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strengthener

These are the final few polishes in my collection. I never thought I would wear brown polishes, but when my boyfriend’s sister bought me this Jessica polish for Christmas, I instantly fell in love with it. It has a brilliant gold shine to it.

Milkshake by Collection is a really nice every day nude.

The Nails Inc. polish was free with a magazine. I know everyone rates Nails Inc. and I honestly tried to like this polish but I just don’t! I find it just looks really artificial and thick on my nails. Maybe it is just this colour and I should try some more, but at £11 each I am hesitant to take the risk!

What are your thoughts on Nails Inc.? Recommend me some colours I should try!

12 thoughts on “My nail polish collection

  1. I wish they had Barry M here in the US. 😦 Everyone raves about it. I like that you incorporated a lot of drugstore brands. I personally don’t like to spend a lot on polish, but I have recently discovered the amazingness that is Essie. You should check it out if you haven’t already. It’s a little pricey ($8 USD), but worth it, in my opinion.

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  3. I’m thinking of purchasing the New York Ballet collection because a) I do ballet and b) I’m a sucker for any polish with an awesome name (terrible, expensive habit!). Since you have a few of that collection, do you think it’s worth it? Is the colour noticeable enough? You mentioned they are soft… I have a few cheaper polishes in similar tones which is why I am asking if I should really invest.. 🙂 thank you!

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