Soap & Glory Dr Spot Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel



We’ve all been there. Three days before the event (or in my case a holiday) you’ve been looking forward to for ages, and you wake up with a huge red spot ruining your face which has been really nice and clear lately. Nightmare. I reached out to my friends and said HELP ME! One told me Soap & Glory Dr Spot Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel is a miracle worker, so I went out and bought it the same day.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Soap & Glory for this kind of product. To me, Soap & Glory has always been a fun, luxury brand for nice face masks and body scrubs, not a sensible skin care brand that sells serious spot treatments. Turns out, I’ve been missing out!

Dr Spot has salicylic and lactic acids to fight spots by peeling away dead skin cells, plus other exciting sounding things which are supposed to soothe irritation, reduce redness and slow down oil secretion. It’s an invisible gel which you apply to individual spots with a clean finger. It’s best to use it twice a day, but you can put makeup over the top in the morning so that’s no problem.

I will admit I was sceptical about how this would work, but the next morning after just one application, my spot was visibly smaller and less red. I wish you could have seen it (except it was gross, so I don’t). I won’t lie, this doesn’t work miracles. My spot wasn’t gone overnight, or even after a few days of using. But this definitely helped reduce the size and redness much more quickly than other spot treating products I’ve tried. It also didn’t leave my skin sore or dry like some harsh spot remedies (think toothpaste).

The only downside to this product is that I seem to be left with red marks after the spots are gone. This may just be me though. It’s something I’m pretty used to unfortunately as it seems to be how my skin deals with spots, even if I leave them completely alone. It’s so depressing. Any tips for making them go away?


Mac Retro Matte Lipstick – All Fired Up


This is a very exciting blog post for me, because I am writing about my very first Mac lipstick! Yes, I finally lost my Mac lipstick virginity. Here it is:


Isn’t it beautiful! I arrived in town a bit early the other day, so I decided to pop into Mac for a look round. I was looking at the lipsticks and totally fell in love with this colour. All Fired Up is a gorgeous hybrid between red and pink. I’d describe it as a cherry colour. I asked the sales assistant if she thought it would suit my complexion and she said “yes, yes, a million times yes”. After that, I thought I’d better try it, and it was so perfect I decided to splash out and buy it.


The formula of this lipstick really surprised me when I initially put it on. It is really dry, not smooth and creamy at all, so it can be difficult to apply and can look awful on dry or chapped lips. Mac recommend using a lipstick primer underneath it, but does anyone actually own one of those? I just make sure I’ve been using lip balm regularly so my lips aren’t dry.

So if that is the downside, what are the best things about this lipstick? Well the colour is super pigmented and looks totally amazing! It is also really long lasting which is fantastic as it doesn’t need re-applying very often. Also, because of the dry, matte formula, the lipstick doesn’t bleed and there’s hardly any transfer.

So I’m now a Mac lipstick convert. What others should I try?



Top 5 Summer Nail Colours


You’ve seen my top 5 Spring nail colours, so now it’s time to discuss my top 5 Summer nail colours. They are the top 5 polishes I have here with me at the moment; I probably have a lot more in my collection at home.

Collection Hot Looks No. 28 Hip Hop – Can you get any more Summer than this incredibly bright, bold, fun orange colour? A couple of coats gives a really nice effect and it’s pretty long lasting too.

L’Oréal Colour Riche Nail Polish in No. 602 Perle de Jade - I completely adore this polish which is why it’s pretty much the only nail polish I have written a full blog post on. Perle de Jade is such a gorgeous colour that looks great on everyone.

Mavala No. 55 Dakar – You can’t beat a bit of pink in the Summertime. I would prefer to show you a gorgeous hot pink like Seventeen Supreme Shine in Poncho Pink, but unfortunately I don’t have any with me. This pink colour from Mavala is still pretty though because it has such a nice shimmer in it, and it looks lovely on toes especially.

Mavala No. 115 Sand Rose – This is my absolute favourite nail polish at the moment. It’s a pearlescent, shimmery pastel coral colour, if that makes sense, and it just looks amazing. It would look especially fabulous if you have tanned skin. Mavala polishes are exceptionally good quality too. I love them!

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Nail Polish in Popcorn – Before you run away screaming, I think yellow nails are easier to wear than most people think. This warm sunshine yellow is especially versatile, more so than a lemony yellow.


Testing Products Part Three


This is the third, and long time coming, instalment of my Testing Products series of posts. You can read Part One and Part Two if you enjoy this or fancy seeing what else I have tried out. Anyone got any ideas for a better title for this series? I have been trying to think of something clever and witty but I can’t.

Lush It’s Raining Men Shower Gel – I got a tiny sample of this when I did a Lush order online, and it smelt so incredible I got a bigger version to take to a hotel with me. It smells so incredible – sweet and creamy like caramel or toffee. Totally delicious.

Lush American Cream Conditioner – I smelt this in a Lush store in London and convinced myself I had to try it because I needed conditioner. It’s a totally gorgeous sweet vanilla smell which reminds me of cupcake frosting – gorgeous. Unfortunately the formula just doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t seem to go very far and it doesn’t feel like it does anything to my (very) thick, long hair. It’s such a shame because it smells delicious.

Melvita Moisture Replenishing Night Nectar - This night time moisturiser was in my You Beauty Discovery box a few months’ ago. It suits my skin nicely because it isn’t too thick, it absorbs quickly, and it doesn’t give me oily skin or make me break out. Unfortunately, it has a really peculiar smell which I don’t like at all, so I won’t be re-purchasing it.

Clinique All About Eyes – I was given a sample of this in my local Boots when I purchased some Clinique products. I don’t use an eye cream yet because I feel a bit young, so I was interested to try this. I was surprised that it didn’t irritate my usually very sensitive eyes at all, and it was quite refreshing if I was tired or had sore or dry skin under my eyes. I’m not really sure I want to start regularly using an eye cream yet, but this is one I would definitely consider when I do.

Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer – This primer is easy to apply and works perfectly well – I think it makes my makeup last longer than it would without it – but I just don’t love it. I can’t really put my finger on why. It just didn’t wow me, so I will stick to Benefit The Porefessional for now.

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Gunmetal – This was another You Beauty Discovery box product. It’s a fabulous silvery-grey metallic colour with a lot of shimmery glitter in it. It’s easy to apply with a finger and looks very effective. It would be great for a night out. However, be warned, it’s a loose powder and it goes everywhere, and generally where you don’t want it, like on your clothes!

Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Lotion – I decided to use this out of curiosity because so many people seem to adore it. I usually stay far far away from tanning products and simply embrace my English rose complexion (i.e. permanently pale). It is scarily dark when you first apply it to your skin, but it buffs down to a nice pale brown (not orange) colour, which looked very natural even on my very pale skin. It also washed off super easily. If I was the kind of person who used tanning products, I’d definitely reach for this.

Just when you thought we were done, I remembered one sample I left out of the original photo: Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment. I was unbelievably excited to try this product because Glam Glow are a really expensive brand and their products are supposed to be amazing. Unfortunately, my experience of it was a complete disaster. The day after I used it, I broke out BIG TIME. I must have got about 12 new spots overnight. I know it was probably because the mask cleared out all the grime in my pores and brought out the spots to purge it, but who wants that? I’ve been way too terrified to use it since, so it’s going in the bin. How disappointing!


July You Beauty Discovery Box



It’s that time again! Does anyone else with a beauty subscription box get super excited every month to find out what you’ll get? I absolutely love it!

Having said that, I wasn’t crazy about the selection of products this month. There were things I already have a lot of like moisturiser and mascara, bath and hair products which don’t excite me much, and a tanning product which I never bother with. Eventually I chose the Archeia Rose Rejuvenating Cream and the Abahna White Grapefruit and May Chang Bath Gel.



I was a bit disappointed with the size of the face cream in particular. I hadn’t noticed the website said 5ml. That’s not a sample size, that’s the size of a free tester, but I’ll give it a try. I don’t think I’ll use the bath gel myself, I’ll probably give it to someone else. It smells nice, but a bit mature for me.

So my main products were disappointing, but we got quite nice freebies this month.


There was a really good size Dove Men+Care Pro Moisture Shave Cream. I suppose I could use this myself on my legs or something, but I plan to give it to my fiancé as it is made for men.

The most exciting freebie is a sample of Agent Provocateur Fatale Eau de Parfum. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this as I expected it to be heavily floral, but I actually love it. It smells so sweet and fruity and fresh. I am seriously considering buying the full size.

We also got a Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream which will be nice to try.

What did you get in your box this month? I’m hoping for more exciting products in August!



HER 300 Trecento Revitalising Hair Treatment


I had never heard of the brand HER until I saw it on the list of possible products for my You Beauty Discovery box. Nothing else particularly excited me so I thought I would give this a try.

Turns out HER is a haircare brand co-created and co-owned by John Barrowman. The products are designed to combat the effects of daily styling, air conditioning and environmental factors.

The 300 Trecento Revitalising Hair Treatment is a weekly deep conditioning treatment clinically proven to rebuild and repair dry/damaged hair. What makes it unusual is that it is designed to be used before shampooing and conditioning your hair. I don’t know about you, but I am used to deep-conditioners being for after shampooing. To use Trecento, you rub a 50p sized amount into damp hair from mid-lengths to ends, leave for 300 seconds (5 minutes) and rinse.

I find this a bit awkward to use, as generally I don’t want to pfaff with dampening my hair and waiting five minutes before showering. However, the treatment smells nice – a creamy, cocoa butter smell with perhaps a hint of vanilla. It doesn’t feel thick or creamy in my hair, more the consistency of a Lush conditioner.

So I suppose the question is have I seen a change in the condition of my hair? Honest answer is no. I wanted to, honestly, but I really haven’t noticed any difference. To my mind, this doesn’t do enough to be worth the extra hassle.



L’Oréal Infallible 24H Lip Colour in Timeless Rose



When it came to choosing the products for my June You Beauty Discovery box, the L’Oréal Infallible 24H Lip Colour caught my eye straight away. I chose the shade 110 Timeless Rose which is a cute pink colour.

As you can see from the picture below, the gloss has a lot of glitter and shimmer in it which took me by surprise. It’s a bit of a shame really because if it weren’t for that, it would be such a perfect gloss for wearing all day long. As it is, I feel a bit ridiculous wearing it in the day time.



The most interesting thing about this product is it’s unusual 2 step approach. First up there’s a laquer to apply to your lips. At first it feels really wet and sticky, then it goes tacky, and eventually dries out completely. Unfortunately, the glitter then feels really rough and fairly unpleasant.



The other end of the product is a conditioning balm which is supposed to add moisture back into your lips and condition them. That smells incredible - like strawberries. It makes your lips feel much nicer and also look really glossy.


24 hours might be a bit of an exaggeration, but wow the colour just lasts and lasts. I’ve never experienced anything like it. You can eat and drink and go about your usual business and the colour stays put. It fades slightly in the centre of your lips, but no where near how a normal lip colour fades. The colour also doesn’t transfer at all once it’s dry, which is pretty amazing.

The slight downside to the long lasting formula, is that it’s pretty difficult to remove at the end of the day. You’ll need to use makeup remover on your mouth which is odd.

I was super happy with the long lasting formula, 2 step application, and colour, but overall I was still disappointed. I think that’s because the product doesn’t live up to its full potential. If it wasn’t so incredibly glittery, you could pop this on and wear it all day and just touch it up for the evening. As it is, it’s more of an evening lip product, which isn’t really what I was after :(